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Structural Design & Detailing

Gap in Structural Design and Build: Role of a Structural Consultant

In last a few years there has been a lot of talks in Indian construction industry about designing the buildings earthquake resistant because of some

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Adoption of Precast Technology in Residential and Commercial Projects, in India: Why there is no Boom?

With growing demand of affordable housing units

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World's First 100% Solar-Powered Airport


Cochin International Airport in the southern Indian state of Kerala became the world's first entirely solar-powered airport on Tuesday, unveiling a new

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Structural Stability of a Building in India: Checks and Balances

Structurally, how safe the building is that you are living in or your neighbors are living in or you are shopping in or you are being medically treated in or

Structural Virtual Construction

Virtual Construction: Need of the Hour for all the Projects


It's very evident from the past and current practices that construction industry is the slowest in adopting technologies, especially in Indian

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The Great Indian BIM Compromise


The perception of BIM in most of Middle East & India is very skewed. Consultants do BIM to suit their "design" purposes only. Contractors

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current state of BIM adoption across the globe

Here is a composition of various links to gauze current state of BIM adoption across the globe

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The next level of maturity in BIM calls for Web of Assets

The Built environment that we are part of is always a work in progress. This is probably

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NBS report on BIM Adoption in UK, Canada, Denmark, Czech Republic and Japan

The perception of BIM in most of Middle East &

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The 'Unsmart' in smart Cities

Having been exposed to high decibel noise on Smart Cities, I think one has started discerning the Unsmart in Smart here.

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Madness in Curves

Architects and Designers love curves however their favorite tool Revit does not. When it comes to modeling anything that is non-orthogonal

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Algorithmic Design using Revit Dynamo

The Dynamo Plugin (for Revit) pushes the boundaries of creative design possibilities using

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